The 10-year-old boy saved his drowning brother by performing CPR that he saw Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson do in a movie.

Jacob O’Connor said that he saw his brother face-down in the pool after falling in the water. The boy recalled Johnson’s actions in the “San Andreas” film and ran to the toddler to get him out of the water. Then he performed CPR and it saved toddler’s life.

News about this rescue began spreading on Twitter and other social networks and soon Johnson found out about it. He said the boy is a real-life hero. The toddler spent one day in the hospital and fully recovered. The boys’ mother said her 10-year-old can watch all Rock’s movies if he wants to.

Johnson shared the story with fans tweeting about this event and saying that Jacob O’Connor was brave and calm in the face of distress. He even invited the boy and his family to visit him in Vancouver.