Jael Reinhold and John Pulcipher married in a hospital five hours after Jael gave birth to her daughter Briar who was born ahead of schedule.

The couple wanted to marry in late July but their daughter changed their plans. Jael and John decided they want to get married before she gives birth to their first child. The same day, Jael had her water broke and the daughter arrived two months early. Since all guests had already arrived into town for a big day, the couple decided to get married at the hospital, only after five hours after giving birth.

Her husband John said in an interview that when he found out his future wife can’t come to their wedding, he decided to bring the wedding to her. He said guests helped him arrange everything and that’s how it became possible.

The couple got married in the conference room and their little daughter even attended the ceremony. Jael said she had a very special moment holding her newborn daughter in front of other guests. The little girl is healthy and is home now. The couple says that this is a proof of their love and strong relationships.

Jael and John say they can’t live without each other and they are happy to be the family of three. If you want to know more about the baby girl or her parents, they started a campaign here.

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