Busy moms often feel like they don’t have free time at all. But even if you have to deal with diapers, laundry and cooking every day, you can still have a downtime for yourself.

Once you learn how to track your time, you can change your routine. This will give you more free time. And more free time means a happier mom. Below, there are useful ideas to help you make the most of your time.

Start Saving Time Today

Every mom needs a plan to make the most of her time. So, develop a strategy that lets you control your day without having to manage every second of it. Below, I will discuss how you can do it.

Find Child Care

With help of others, you can get lots of free time. If you can find the right child care, you will get the time to get more accomplished.

Child Care

Do You Need the Mom’s Day Out?

It is totally fine to desire time for yourself, even if you don’t have a perfectly clean house today. Mom’s Day Out is a great way to spend time with your friends.

Join a Babysitting Cooperative

If you don’t know anyone who can care for a baby, you can swap babysitting time with other parents to have a few hours of free time. These cooperatives are often free, making them a great option for most parents. Your kids will play with other kids and you have a few hours to enjoy downtime.

Decide On Cooking and Cleaning

Many moms have to cook, clean, change diapers, deal with tantrums and do dozens of other things. But you’re not the only one who can do all these things. Let someone else to take a frying pan and cook for you.

20 Minutes Cleaning Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to spend 20 minutes a day cleaning your house. Your children and your partner can help you. Just take the timer and let’s go.

Do Groceries Faster

Create a shopping list before you go to the grocery store. Your family probably has a typical menu, so you can create a shopping list once and stick to it.

Mom doing groceries

Prepare Food Quicker

Keep your kitchen pantry stocked. When everything is on hand, you can prepare food in almost no time.

Start Adding Minutes Back

Busy moms know how long to-do lists can be. That’s why they are always busy. However, with preparation, you can create a time management plan and set realistic goals to do more in less time. This way, you will do everything quicker and spend time with your friends, too. Or you can finally go out with your partner for a romantic dinner without feeling guilty.

Spend Time with Your Partner

Remember times when you weren’t a busy mom? Even though now you have kids, you still should find time for your partner. When you have a time management strategy, you will see there is free time which you can spend with your significant half.

Arrange a Girls Night Out

Do you miss the times that you spent with your girlfriends? Even busy moms can have nights out! Besides, times with your friends help you handle stresses of daily life.

Mom with friends

Make Mom Friends

You are never alone because there are other moms out there. When you need an adult conversation, you can always chat with another mom because she knows what you’re going through.

How do you manage your time? Share your tips in the comments section!