According to studies, children with healthy weight are fitter, learn faster and become more confident. They are less likely to be bullied or have low self-esteem. So, how can you help your overweight child?

As a parent, you can do a lot to help your child. You can get your child to be more active and eat healthier foods. Here, we have practical tips to help you.

Your Child Does What You Do

One of the easiest ways to teach your child good habits is to be a positive role model. If you eat healthy and have an active lifestyle, your child will do the same. Next time, go for a walk instead of watching TV. You can play in the park or go to the beach with your children to show them that there are lots of fun activities.

Positive role model

Be Active

Overweight children will burn more calories than slimmer children by doing the same exercises. On average, a child needs 60 minutes of physical activity every day to be healthy. For example, it can be 10-minute periods throughout the day.

If you have a younger kid, encourage them to get involved in active play, such as chasing games and ball games. Older children can ride a bike, walk to school, dance, swim and more. Walking instead of using a bus is a great way to stay active as a family.

Active overweight child

Smaller Portions

Children need smaller portions than adults. As a rule of thumb, start with smaller servings and add more if your child is hungry. Don’t force a kid to finish everything and avoid using adult plates.

You can also teach your child to eat slowly, for example you can talk about your day while eating dinner. Explain to your kid that healthy diet has multiple benefits for their body. Add more fruits and veggies and provide foods rich in minerals and vitamins.

extra small portion

Juices And Smoothies

Avoid sugary drinks such as fizzy drinks. They are very high in calories but low in nutrients. You can prepare smoothies and juices made of fruits and veggies that will taste amazing and be very healthy as well.

Juices And Smoothies

Less Screen Time

Reduce the time your child is sitting or lying. Make him busy with activities that he likes and avoid inactive pastimes like playing games, watching TV or playing gadgets.

Lazy overweight child playing video-games

There is no quick advice on how to easily lose excessive weight but if you follow these tips, you will help your child become healthy in a fun and encouraging way.