Many times a day you have to carry a car seat. From your house to the car, from one car to another: you do it so often that you really take no notice of it. Bad news is that you probably do it wrong and overstrain the upper part of your body.

In this very illuminating YouTube video Dr Emily Puente of the Bridge Family Chiropractic in Mansfield, Texas shows two possible ways of carrying a car seat. Most people do it like this: they simply support the seat with their elbow and carry it in the crook of their arm. By doing this you overload your spinal mussels, hurt your hips and cause pain in your biceps.

Dr Puente suggests that you use another technique: loop your hand around the handle, turn your hand so that your palm faces the seat and take hold of the bottom part of the seat. This way the weight of the car seat is evenly distributed, and you support it not at one, but at two points.

Nonetheless, we do not recommend that you take long walks with a car seat in your hand: only use this tip to walk short distances between your car and house. And if you are looking for a good stroller, try this one.


how to carry baby car seat in your hand