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Ivanka Trump Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression

Published on
Ivanka Trump says she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her three children. Speaking to Dr. Oz, she described that it was...

How To Combine Crafts With Keepsakes

Published on
If you're a busy parent, you know how hard it can be to combine keepsakes and crafts. Below, there are simple ideas that can...

How Parents Manage Conflicts Has An Impact On Your Children

Published on
According to the researcher from the University of Arizona Olena Kopystynska, the way parents solve conflicts at home has a huge impact on their...

Avoid These Mistakes To Reduce The Risk Of Drowning

Published on
Drowning is one of the main causes of accidental death among little children. While teaching kids to swim is important, the following guidelines will...

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your House Every Day

Published on
As a parent, you want to live in a clean and organized home, but your kids don't seem to care about it. If cleaning...

How to Encourage Your Kid to Read

Published on
Reading is extremely important for your child’s development: it promotes abstract thinking stimulates imagination and develops learning skills. These days, however, books are in...

New Study Finds Infants Know What Their Parents Want

Published on
Everyone knows little babies are adorable but did you know they can make odds on what you will do next? Even before your baby can...

These Dads Are Staking A Claim In The Parenting World

Published on
According to the study conducted in 2014, American dads spend triple the time with their little kids than dads in the 1960s. And while...

How to Teach Your Kid to Ride a Bike

Published on
Some people compare learning how to ride a bike to a rite of passage: once this skill is mastered, your child becomes more independent...

Talking To Your Child About Planning For College

Published on
It's recommended to start early so your children will be ready. It can be overwhelming for parents to financially plan for college, especially when they...
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