Deputy Constable uploaded a new photo on Facebook that melted everyone’s hearts.

On the pics, you can see the Texas police officer sitting with a girl. The guy looks like a friendly giant sitting on a tiny chair clinking tea cups with a little toddler dressed in an adorable blue dress.

Cop Attends A Tiny Tea Party of A Baby He Helped Deliver

The cute girl is Evelyn, who was delivered at a Texas gas station. Her mom went into labor on a way to hospital and the police officer helped deliver a baby.

Evelyn is a happy and healthy toddler who celebrated her birthday party and the special guest was Mr. Diebold who now is a family friend. He says there is a bond between the toddler and a stranger who helped bring her in this world.

Cop Attends A Tiny Tea Party of A Baby He Helped Deliver

Evelyn’s Mom Destiny Hall said that the girl loved meeting her good friend and she couldn’t stop clinking tea cups with him. Mom invited Texas photographer Cyndi Williams to photograph this special moment.

Mom says that Mark Diebold is one of the most loving and genuine people she has ever met. He helped her and many other people, and she is happy he is a part of their family now.

Remember our miracle baby, Evelyn Joy??? Well little Evvie just turned ONE, and I am beyond excited to share her ongoing…

Posted by Cyndi Williams Photography on Sunday, July 23, 2017

How Did it Happen?

The story is just amazing: Mr. Diebold had been driving to work last year when he saw a car driving way over the speed limit. He said that he flashed his lights to let the driver know they’re exceeding the speed limits. When they stopped at the traffic light, Caleb Hall – Destiny Hall’s husband – explained to the policeman why they were exceeding speed limits.

The husband said his wife’s water broke and she was about to have a baby delivered in a car. Five minutes later, two cars parked at the nearest gas station and Mr. Diebold helped Destiny Hall deliver a healthy baby. Her husband caught the newborn and Mark helped clear her airway.

Destiny Hall said in an interview that Mark acted like a happy child, celebrating and laughing with her and her husband. Destiny also said the cop couldn’t stop smiling telling that it’s one of the best things happened to him. It was a weird and amazing experience for all of them.

Texas photographer Williams was moved by this story as well, so she reached out to the family and offered them a newborn session. The family then decided Mark should also be in the shoot in his uniform and with the officer’s badge.

After the photo shoot, the photograph was surprised by the strong bond between Mark and the Hall family. The officer visited the mom and the baby in a hospital after the birth. They are a family now and they stay in touch ever since.

Officer Diebold is in close contact with other Hall kids too, and they even call him Uncle Mark.

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