There is nothing like a large glass of smoothie for breakfast. While it is totally possible to make a decent smoothie using a regular blender, to prepare a truly tasty beverage you will need a high-powered device with razor-sharp blades.

COSORI blender is where incredible might meets outstanding design. Low in price (it is possible to buy it for less than $70) and easy to use, this blender is really what you need in your kitchen.

COSORI Blender

Here is what makes this product so special

  1. The blender only weighs 8 pounds: it is light enough to be used by virtually anyone.
  2. The blender is 11.6” high, 11.6” wide and 10.4” deep; it will ideally fit almost any counter.
  3. The device is powered by an 800W electric motor that generates 23,000 RPM. The blender crushes ice in mere seconds and pulverizes fruits and vegetables even faster: your smoothies will taste absolutely delicious. What’s more, the motor operation is smooth and quiet: you won’t have to cover your ears with palms every time you use the blender.
  4. The COSORI blender is very easy to take apart and clean: all its parts are dishwasher safe.
  5. The blender comes with two medium-sized 32 oz. containers and one smaller 24 oz. container (with a handle). Use the blender with the spare container while the dirty one is being cleaned in a dishwasher.
  6. The containers are made of light transparent plastic that resembles glass. The plastic is very strong and withstands both high and low temperatures.
  7. You can either cover your prepared smoothie with a storage lid to put it in the refrigerator or use a travel lid and enjoy your nutritious drinks on the go.
  8. The device comes with an illustrated recipe book; you will find even more recipes for succulent smoothies on the brand’s website.
  9. A uniquely designed stainless steel blade with three layers and super sharp edges is able to blend, grind, mix and mill virtually anything: you can use this device to blend frozen fruit, grind coffee and make spices.
  10. As the blade reaches far enough, there will be no unblended fruit and ice near the sides of the container.
  11. The blender is extremely easy to use as there are only three buttons (Start/Stop, Auto, Pulse) to press.
  12. The COSORI blender features an interlocking system to guarantee that its operation is reliable and secure. A suction-cupped base dissipates unpleasant vibrations and protects the blender from slipping and moving.
  13. The blender features only BPA-free materials: it is totally safe for your health.
  14. The COSORI blender carries a 100% risk-free two-year warranty. The manufacturer also provides lifetime customer support.
  15. The blender is UL-certified and equipped with overheat protection.
  16. There are two colors available: you can either decide on elegant black or opt for stylish silver.


COSORI is a China-based company that specializes in electric products for cooking and blending. Their American office is situated in Anaheim, California.