Nursing your baby is very rewarding, but also very challenging, especially for new moms who still have a lot of things to discover. Even though it takes time to master the breastfeeding technique, you can help both of you get used to it quicker.

Nursing a baby

A breastfeeding station is a great way to reduce stress and provide a warming and welcoming atmosphere where moms can bond with their little ones. And the best news is you don’t need to invest much to create your own nursing station. Follow these simple tips to make breastfeeding enjoyable for you and your baby.

Get a Comfortable Nursing Chair

We know that the style of your room plays a big role, but there are more important factors to consider when choosing a nursing chair. Get a chair with padded armrests, easy-to-clean fabrics and adjustable height. Make sure you can operate the chair with one hand.

Get a New Table with Storage

Your baby needs a lot of things and you want them to be near you when you breastfeed. Get a table with drawers for storing baby necessaries (for example, you can store your nipple cream and nursing pads). And you need goodies too, for example your favorite magazine and water.

Get a Nursing Pillow

If you still don’t have one, it will change the way you breastfeed. Nursing can be difficult at first and a pillow helps supporting the baby and ensuring good latch. Babies can be heavy, especially when you need to hold them for a long period of time. You can also use your nursing pillow to help a baby who can’t sit up without support.

Nursing pillow

Get All Necessary Supplies

There are plenty of necessities you should buy for your baby and you can put them in your breastfeeding station. This way, all nursing pads, hand sanitizers, paper towels and burp clothes will be ready to go. Always keep these items in stock. You may also store your favorite snacks there. Nursing burns calories and you need to reenergize your body. A healthy snack is always helpful!

Get a Timer, Prepare a Schedule And a Feeding Log

You should keep track of when and how much your baby eats in order to make sure your baby has enough. Doctors say it is better to have a schedule and also record the number of soiled and wet diapers your baby makes every day. This information is very useful for doctors who can identify potential problems by analyzing your baby’s eating patterns.

You can create a schedule and a feeding log. I also used a timer to record how much time I breastfeed every day. You will also need a clock to note the time, even if it’s terribly late.

Check The Lighting

I know that low lighting creates that inviting and warm atmosphere but it’s not a good idea, especially during night feedings. Nursing isn’t easy and you should be able to see what’s going on. You can keep low lighting during daytime and switch to a brighter one at nights.


Now when you have everything ready, make sure you restock all your baby necessities regularly. Take a trashcan and place it near the breastfeeding station for easy disposal of paper towels and nursing pads. If you don’t have enough place in the nursery, you can choose any other room for your station. Some moms prefer to breastfeed in their bedroom while watching TV or reading their favorite magazine. And if you change your mind, you can quickly move it to another room.

Do you have nursery advice for new moms? Feel free to share it in the comments section!