A Canadian dad tweeted a photo of himself holding his little baby in the parking lot with a sign saying ‘Expecting Mothers’. The dad tweeted ‘Crap, am I allowed to park here?’

Justin Simard said that he was happy when he saw a parking lot near the door while he was with his little son. But then, he saw the sign and it bothered him. There was nothing about same sex couples or dads who can take care of babies as well. He then tweeted the sign believing that this old-fashioned belief that only moms can take care of babies should be changed.

Simard said he was really happy when shop representatives tweeted back saying that dads can use this parking lot just like moms and they will change the sign soon. He said he was pleasantly surprised and felt like a human being who got a reasonable response from another human being.

Sobey’s representatives said that they’re going to solve the issue soon and update the parking lot signage to avoid sexism. They said that mothers and fathers are welcome to park in the special parking lots. They thanked Simard for bringing this issue to their attention and they will review all their signs.

Simard said that all companies should check their signage to make sure they’re not sexist. He noted that these signs are intended for pregnant customers and parents with small children – both moms and dads. Simard hopes that raising children isn’t a women’s work anymore; it’s parent’s work. He said that there are still issues to overcome but we can make it through. If everyone notices and reports non-inclusive sexism language around us, we would overcome this issue.