Even though parenthood is very rewarding, it is also very challenging. And while most people emphasize the tough time new moms go through, dads have hard times as well.

While moms go through stresses of breastfeeding and exhaustion, dads fight their own battles by trying to provide for their family. Even when there are two of you and only one baby, there is always a feeling of failure that creeps in.

When your husband is trying to be a bread winner, he feels lots of pressure to deliver for two of you, especially when a man feels he can’t give you what you deserve. It is a huge emotional burden men experience.

What I’m saying here is that moms aren’t the only ones who experience pressure, fatigue and depression. There are many dads who feel the same way but for different reasons. They simply don’t want to fail.

Dads Experience Parenthood Stress

While there are many single moms or dads out there, it is also true that two-parent partnerships have a sense of failure as well. New parents often have no idea what’s going on. They experience huge lifestyle changes when the baby is born and crying all the time. There is no guide that can prepare you for that.

There is no easy way for moms and dads to avoid the struggles they go through. What we can do is to increase awareness and hope that people who go through parenthood difficulties will learn that it is totally fine and soon the harsh times will be over.

In this article, I just want to say that dads feel it as well. They get emotional, they feel hopeless and depressed. They don’t know what to do and it is scary. And we should remember about it.

Those first weeks after a baby is born can be scary but I know you can make it through. So for everyone out there who is trying to make ends meet – don’t forget that you’re doing an amazing job and you’re an awesome parent. And you do everything that you can for your baby.