You can’t be proud of your yard if it is surrounded by a boring fence. Luckily, fence wall art is really simple: just take a look at these decoration ideas.

Hanging Flowers

Here is a simple rule that always works: if you don’t know what decoration to choose, decide on flowers. Just hang several planters along your fence and turn it into a beautiful garden. You can either buy ready-made planters or make your own creative flower pots.

Fence Hanging Flowers

Wheel Cover Flowers

If you think that you don’t have time to take care of real flowers, follow the example of this blogger and turn plastic wheel covers into magnificent plants. Cut the outer rims off the covers, then spray paint them. Paint stems and leaves and screw the flowers to the fence. Magnificent, aren’t they?

Fence with Wheel Cover Flowers


Or should they be called ‘faux windows’? Do not throw away your old-fashioned wooden windows: clean them, paint them and attach them to your fence. Now fit your windows with mirrors: ever dreamt of a journey through the looking glass?

Fence with old windows


Kids like to paint. Sometimes (but certainly not always) they also like to learn. Chalkboards are excellent for both painting and learning, So why don’t you equip your fence with a nice large chalkboard? You will need to buy a 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet and paint it with a mix of an outdoor paint and sanded grout. Do not forget to fill the pail that hangs off the side with colored chalks!

Fence with Chalkboard


Four-winged dragonflies are all about energy and style. The bodies of these unusual insects are made out of table legs and spindles. To make wings you can either wrap some canvas around wire or use ceiling fan blades. Use back parts of brass knobs to create eyes; metal hooks make excellent antennas. Paint wooden parts with distressed finishes, and screw the wings to the body. Now your dragonfly can be hung on (or screwed to) the fence. Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Fence with Dragonflies

Coffee Table

Let’s have a tea party, shall we? Just saw off two legs and a part that connects them from an old coffee-table, paint them and screw to your fence. Attach a wide pallet board to the top. Do not forget about pegs to hang garden tools on. Adorn your table-cum-shelf with candlesticks, dishes, flowers and cups. What about adding a teapot (with an optional dormouse inside)?

Fence with Coffee Table

Light patches

Colorful marbles is all you need to make your fence sparkle. Buy marbles (it is up to you how many). Measure their diameter: your drill bit should be slightly smaller than the marbles so they will fit the holes you are going to bore snugly and reliably. (It might be reasonable to practice on a piece of scrap wood to determine the right drill bit size.) Your fence: it’s full of stars!

Fence with Light patches