Here is a secret you probably already know: you can make a birdfeeder out of virtually anything. Thus, a DIY birdfeeder is an excellent project both for children and their parents. It is so easy that you simply can’t fail!

First, you can simply nail or stick an old shoe to the tree. Job done! Hardworking ones might have painted the shoe or adorned it with colored strips or a bow, but why bother? It works perfectly well this way.

Easy DIY birdfeeder (boot)

This blogger glued a cup to a saucer using E6000 glue. Now all that is left to do is to hang the feeder on a branch.

Easy DIY birdfeeder (cup)

Everybody knows that objects made from plastic should be reused to protect the environment. As shown here, you will only need two wooden spoons to turn a plastic bottle into a bird feeder: just make sure that they are properly angled.

Easy DIY birdfeeder (bottle)

Such a wonderful invention as the glue gun can really work miracles. Jamey Ekins, a blogger from the West Coast, used it to create an elegant birdfeeder out of a length of sisal rope and an empty tomato can. This feeder will be ideal for hanging on a shingle beach.

easy DIY bird feeder (Tin)

Popsicle sticks can be used for numerous DIY projects, and a homemade birdfeeder is no exception. Follow the example of Tonya Staab, a Californian blogger, and glue together some 50+ popsicle sticks to get an awesome-looking wooden feeder. This project is both easy and interesting: your kids will totally love it.

easy DIY bird feeder (Ice cream sticks)

Even a toddler won’t have problems working on a milk carton birdfeeder. Just cut two large openings, paint the carton in the color you like best, let it dry and add a stick for birds to sit on. Good job!

easy DIY birdfeeder (milk carton)

You merely can’t get any simpler than that. Just cut a large orange or a grapefruit in half and scoop out both the fruit and pulp. Now make two holes in the sides of the orange, thread twine through the holes and tie the two ends of the twine together. Fill the orange feeder with seed and hang it on a tree! It is 100 percent organic!

easy DIY birdfeeder (pumpkin)

A large empty wine bottle is exactly what you need to construct a feeder with an automatic seed refilling mechanism. To complete the project you will only need two small pieces of wood and some wire, like they did it here. However, professional carpenters might prefer to work on this stylish birdfeeder than can truly be used to decorate any garden.

easy DIY birdfeeder (glass bottle)

If your kids can’t put aside their LEGO sets, ask them to make a LEGO birdfeeder. To make the feeder waterproof you might need to secure the blocks with some glue: vibrant colors and ingenious design give this feeder an unforgettable look.

easy DIY bird feeder (LEGO)

Last but not least, here is a totally different idea for a birdfeeder. Thread some cheerios and blueberries onto a pipe cleaner, twist the ends together and hang the cleaners in your backyard. An excellent activity for development of fine motor skills!