You can’t possibly truly enjoy yourself during lazy summer afternoons without a hammock. The same goes for your kid: she needs a hammock to take a well-deserved rest after putting all her energy into running and playing.

There is more than one way to skin a cat: you can choose between various ideas of an ideal hammock. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Traditional hammock for an adult

This hammock is ideal for those who prefer good old reliability to anything else. A time-tested form? Check! A traditional way to fix the canvas in place (i.e. between two trees or posts)? Check! Two layers of material with padding in-between for extra strength and comfort? Check! Follow this link to find a comprehensive video guide and a detailed plan for a conventional hammock: it is well worth a try.

Hammock chair for a comfortable reading

Although some people prefer to read books or use their tablets while lying down, doctors say that it might be detrimental to your sight. So, here is a hammock chair that is exactly what your kid needs to enjoy her ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Although this chair is supposed to be attached to the ceiling, you can easily fix it to an overhanging tree branch. The project will cost you as little as $37: are you still having doubts about it?

Hammock stand for a treeless backyard

This blogger comes to the rescue of those who don’t have large trees in their backyards. A moderate amount of $40 will get you everything you need to have a wonderful time lying down on a hammock stand. The easy step-by-step instruction is full of useful advice and funny snapshots: if you follow it, you really can’t go wrong.

Ideal hammock for lazybones

We can hear some people exclaiming: ‘Huh! Sewing! And using a screwdriver! There’s no way I will ever hold a tool in my hand!’ Well, here is something for the slothful ones: a bed sheet hammock that takes mere minutes to make. All you will need is a large sheet and some 18 feet of strong cordage (two 3-foot lengths and two 6-foot lengths). Yep, it is really that simple: a practical skill everyone should master.


Lovely hammock for a toddler

Toddlers like to swing: there is no exception to the rule. In this blog, you will find clear and detailed instructions on how to make a hammock your kid will simply adore. You will only need some $26 to buy necessary materials: it turns out that DIY hammocks are very low in price.

Lightweight woven hammock to rest your legs in style

Those who like to weave will definitely enjoy making this elegant hammock. Although the job might seem complicated, the pattern is really simple and won’t take long to get the hang of. It is unlikely that the project will keep your busy for more than two evenings, and the end result will be well worth the effort.

One final piece of advice: ask your kids to help you with making the hammock. Fun guaranteed!