A recent study clearly shows that it may be emotionally beneficial to children to have a working mom, so stop worrying about your having a full-time job.

It is typical of working moms to worry about spending not enough time with their kids. Only too often they accuse themselves of being ‘poor’ parents and not doing all they can to raise their children to be industrious and successful. A survey conducted by researchers of Harvard Business School proves these accusations completely wrong.

The participants were asked a number of questions about their childhood, current income, position and contribution to household chores. The data was collected and processed and here are the findings:

Men who were raised by working mothers and those brought up by stay-at-home moms earn the same incomes and have similar chances of holding a senior position.

Women reared by working mothers usually have higher incomes than those raised by stay-at-home moms. Their chances of holding a supervisory position are also higher.

Men who had working mothers more often share the domestic chores with their wives. Women with working moms tend to spend more time with their own children.

It seems that your job inflicts no harm on your kids. In fact, it can be beneficial for their development and help them to have a successful career (women) or to be a thoughtful husband (men).

Critics, however, could say that the definition of a working mom that was used in the survey – ‘someone who ever worked for pay’ – was too broad. They may also speculate that there is a certain time limit that can be safely devoted to your job: exceeding it may be detrimental to rearing your children. Nonetheless, the findings are promising enough to stop feeling guilty for pursuing a career.

Have a nice day at work!