There are many tricks to motivate your children to start playing outdoors. However, the best of them all is to spend some cash on exercise equipment: there are no kids who can resist the temptation to bounce up and down on a trampoline.

His Royal Majesty the Trampoline

It is it’s as simple as that: the trampoline is the best fitness equipment for your kids. First, jumping makes your heart rate go up, which leads to strengthening of lungs and heart muscles as well as efficient calories burning. Second, it helps to improve your child’s balance and coordination. Third, it is sheer ecstasy!

Larger trampolines meant for outdoor use are ideal for jumping to the Moon and back. Make sure that the trampoline you are going to buy is equipped with a protective net and features a heavy-duty metal frame, just like this one.

A Teeter-Totter

The best thing about the teeter-totter (it is also often called the seesaw) is that kids do not realize that they are doing exercise. They just have fun jumping and going up and down while their feet muscles get stronger. Here are some things to take care of when choosing a teeter-totter: choose one with rubber hand grips to prevent hands slipping. Cushioned seats and bumps that absorb the impact will make playing on the teeter-totter much more pleasant. This seesaw offers such an attractive feature as 360° rotation: it is a teeter-totter and a merry-go-round joined together for extra pleasure.

A Disk Swing

All you need to put in a disk swing is to secure the rope to a tree branch. Playing on the disk swing is an excellent way to develop your kid’s coordination; besides, disk swings do not cost much. Choose a swing with a long rope: for instance, this one comes with the whole 10 feet of cord.

A Dome Climber

Children love to climb and explore. A dome climber in your backyard is a wonderful opportunity for your kids to try new things and have a good time as well as improve their eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. Dome climbers are usually high enough to get thrills from being close to the sky; on the other hand, they are sturdy and easy to support yourself on. This dome climber has a total weight capacity of 600 pounds which makes it ideal for children’s parties.

A Swing and Slide

Your backyard feels empty without swings and slides. Although we recommend that you put up a DIY swing set, you can also opt for ready-made products. This impressive UFO Swing Set is large enough to lie in; what’s more, it is strong and able to support the combined weight of an adult and a kid. Who said that grown ups do not like to swing?

This slide is very easy to set up and will not take up a lot of space when folded. A wide base for extra stability, long gentle slope and easy steps make the slide ideal for smaller kids. Plus when it rains, you can use the slide indoors.