There’s no denying that gross motor development is important. Even if your backyard is too small for some climbers and UFO swings, you can always install some pieces of exercise equipment in your kid’s room.


A small trampoline can be a healthy alternative to tablets and computers. Regular jumping helps to burn off calories and strengthen heart muscles and lungs; it also improves your kid’s coordination and balance. This 36-inch folding trampoline with detachable legs will easily fit into any room; it is low in price and comes with a year’s warranty on the frame.

Climbing Wall

Even if your child’s room doesn’t have a hatchway that leads to the attic like the one in the picture, you can still equip it with a climbing wall. You will need a wide cork board and some rock climbing holds: you might buy them at your local sporting goods store or shop for them online. Climbing is very good for your kids’ manual dexterity; they will have tons of fun trying alternative routes to the top. What’s more, even if it is not used very often, a climbing wall helps to create an informal, positive atmosphere.

Stepping Stones

Children have a vivid imagination, and these brightly-colored plastic stepping stones make it easy to see yourself trying to form a mighty river. You can arrange them in any way you like to create really challenging paths across the room. Lots of pleasure guaranteed!

Constructive Playthings

These soft play forms are ideal for your toddler. First, she can climb on them: this is something toddlers simply adore to do. Second, she can use them as building blocks as they are both lightweight and durable. Third, you can use the forms for an obstacle course: host the Olympic Games in your room!

Gorilla Gym

The best thing about the Gorilla Gym is that you can attach it to your door frame in mere minutes. This deluxe set comes with everything your kid might want: a swing, trapeze bar, climbing ladder, swinging rope and plastic rings. It will come in especially handy on rainy days when children cannot play outdoors: an excellent way to work off your kids’ surplus energy.

Foam Pogo Jumper

Let’s get back to jumping! This foam pogo jumper supports up to 250 pounds and can be used by both kids and adults. Soft base of the jumper won’t leave scuff marks on your hardwood floor; its comfortable handles are very easy to hold and, last but not least, the jumper makes funny squeaking sounds when you bounce on it. Improving your kids’ hand-to-eye coordination has never been so much fun!

Indoor Playground Set

If you have enough space in your kid’s room, equip it with an indoor playground set. Larger sets like this one come with numerous accessories like swings and rope ladders; children can play on them for hours on end without touching the ground. Smaller sets also provide ample opportunities for your children to climb, swing and have a whale of a time: who said that physical exercise should be dull?