We never run out of ideas: here are some more tips on how to truly enjoy your summer.

Assemble a vehicle kit to always take with you when going on a journey. Such things as a bug spray, sunglasses, hats with a wide brim, hair ties, sunscreen, baby wipes, blankets towels and plastic bags for wet clothes are indispensable. And never forget about toys!

Family leisure in nature in summer

Go camping. Sure, for some people it might seem unthinkable to live in a tent and walk their feet off. Then again, it might be an unforgettable experience: the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say.

Try out new recipes for your barbecue menu: becoming a chef is easier than it might seem.

happy children playing with water

Install a water cooler in your garage so that kids won’t have to slam doors every time they want some water (which is extremely often when it is hot outside).

If your children like to walk barefoot, than a pack of baby wipes kept at the front door will save your floors and furniture from becoming filthy in no time at all.

Everybody likes mazes. You can mow your lawn into a mini-maze and chase your children and their friends through it.

Get yourself a large bell and ring it every time you want your kids to get home for dinner. First, it is stylish. Second, it is way more efficient than hollering.

When it rains, there is nothing better for the whole family than a board game. Some of them are extremely complicated, and some are fairly easy: you can easily find a board game that appeals to both children and their parents.

Take a lot of photos and spend the last days of August remembering your summer.

Hope, you have a blast this summer! Remember: the better you are at resting, the better you will be at working.

family working in the garden