School is out and workloads are lighter, making summer a perfect time for family bonding activities. Considering all the factors that make summer stand out for a family with kids, we created a list of recommended activities for the whole gang. Use these simple ideas to jumpstart your summer bonding.

Find Time To Be Together

Don’t give your kids excuses. Family time should be a priority here. It shows your kids how important they are and the value of family time. If you work during the summertime, do long weekends when possible. And you don’t have to go over the top with activities for kids. Some of the simplest things hold the greatest memories! Just find enough time to focus on each other.

Give Kids Some Responsibilities

Even though summer is for relaxation, it doesn’t mean your kids should drop all of their responsibilities. Keep the chore lists of your children up-to-date. Many sports also offer special programs during the summertime. Look for those that are interesting for your children and create a schedule of regular activity.

Travel Together

You can become a family’s travel agent! Traveling is an exciting way to get out of everyday life and spend time together. Besides, half of the fun is planning the trip. Involve your children in the planning by explaining how to use a map to find tourist attractions. If you’re traveling by car, explain to your child how many gallons of gas it takes and help calculate the cost.

Research your destination on the Internet. For example, you can look up information about the state bird, state flower, etc.

Cook Delicious Treats Together

What child wouldn’t want to make chocolate mousse or to bake cookies? Cooking with children is a great way to explore foods and even discuss different cuisines from around the world. Besides, children are more likely to eat something they make themselves.

Relax The Schedule

Teachers advise letting your kids relax during summer. Of course, you want to avoid summer learning loss, but your child should get enough rest to be ready for the next school year. Loosen bedtime strictness and learn the rhythm of summer.

Routine is important, especially for young kids, but relaxing the schedule creates time for fun activities that only summer can bring.

Anticipate Conversations

Take some time during the summer to involve your children in deeper conversations. Talk about the previous school year and think about possible changes. Use family time to create connections and better understand your kids. When you spend time together doing things everyone enjoys, you stimulate discussion. As you have fun together, doors will open to have important conversations. For example, some families have a topic for the day and interact on it.

Reading Can Be Fun, Too!

You can prevent summer learning loss by involving your children in fun reading. Children can read books they enjoy; younger children can play car games. Try a new version of an alphabet game where your children try to find words on billboards and signs from A to Z. Besides, you can collect brochures while traveling and practice reading as you have fun in the area. Just remember that summer isn’t about studying hard; it’s about life learning, so let them read when they want.

Summer break is created to strengthen your family unit. Use these family bonding activities to improve ties of love between you and create unforgettable memories. Let us know which ones worked best for you!