Millions of kids all over the world can’t wait for the new film about Spider-Man. To make their waiting for July 7 easier, offer them these Spider-Man-themed DIY projects. Lots of fun guaranteed!

A paper plate mask

DIY projects with paper plates never really go out of fashion. A paper plate, a sheet of red paper, some glue and a black crayon is really all you need to create a Spider-Man mask. Be prepared to make similar masks for everyone in the family: everybody wants to be a superhero!

A paper puppet

This action figure can be used for recreating scenes from cartoons, comics and movies. When not played with, it can be hung on the wall to guard your house from vultures and green goblins. For those who want to have complete control over the project there is also a coloring edition of this jumping jack (besides Spider-Man it includes such mighty heroes as Captain America and Iron Man). Print out the templates and let your kids color them, cut out parts using scissors, assemble the toy and play, play, play!

Gift and Favor Boxes

Want to give your kids a little treat? Make it truly memorable by putting sweets or movie tickets inside special boxes. You can either print and assemble a small box that is ideal for lollipops and jelly beans or decide on three larger cubes with as many as six superheroes on their sides: Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man. If you are throwing a children’s party, you simply can’t do without that many assistants with super powers!

Party masks and cuffs

When going to the party, everyone should be dressed properly. Here you will find patterns for simple yet elegant superhero felt masks (not only for boys, but also for girls and adults), and here are the patterns for the cuffs no Spider-Man can embark on exploits without. This blogger improved the original design of the mask by making its front out of glittery red felt: always protect the meek and mild in style.

A birthday invitation, piñata and centerpieces

Everybody likes to be invited to a birthday party, especially if it is Spider-Man’s birthday. This YouTube video instructs you how to make a beautiful Spider-Man birthday invitation, and in this video you will find detailed instructions on how to make a piñata. Only those who posses the super might and excellent coordination will be able break it open with their eyes covered! These centerpieces will greatly add to the joy: they are eleven inches high and extremely cute.

A cake and candy apples

Is there anything sweeter than a candy apple? Sure, try these special Spider-Man candy apples. Delicious, aren’t they? And to ensure that your dessert is really unforgettable, make this spectacular Spider-Man cake with homemade fondant. A mere look at it makes your mouth water.

Hope you have a good time watching the movie and making the DYI projects. Remember: with a good rest comes great power. And with great power…