In this article, I want to introduce you to a unique workshop created by a passionate entrepreneur Emily Pilloton. She is the creator of Girls Garage, a really cool workshop in West Berkeley, California. This workshop is one of a kind opportunity for girls to DIY and unleash their full potential. It offers schools programs and summer camps with the motto “Fear Less. Build More.”

Project H Girls Garage

Why Is It Necessary?

Emily, who also founded the design project firm Project H in 2008, started Girls Garage in 2016. The idea behind the workshop is based on the previous project called Camp H, a program for hardcore building, as it claims. After the sound success of her two projects, Emily decided to make something only for females.

Project H Girls Garage

The nonprofit Project H was founded to help talented students of both genders interested in engineering, design and architecture reach their full potential. This project has helped hundreds of students to complete complicated projects, like building a school library, homes for homeless and new classrooms. The Girls Garage has done the same projects, such as constructing furniture, little libraries, etc. But now everything has been done by females. As Emily states, during the Project H she mentioned that girls would like to construct something but they wouldn’t because boys were there. Thus, she wanted to give girls an opportunity to do what they really want.

Project H Girls at work

The Benefits Of Girls Garage

Today, Girls Garage is the 3,600 sq. ft. area with its own woodshop, digital fabrication studio, and classrooms. Girls study math and science, as well as get creative and technical with help of professional and passionate women. Everyone, including girls and teachers, benefits from Girls Garage:

  • Girls study competency in activities like building and welding;
  • Everyone contributes to a greater community;
  • Surrounded by professionals, who work in these fields, girls get help and mentorship.

Every year, Girls Garage helps over 200 girls from different backgrounds to learn practical skills and unleash their creativity by developing different projects. From welding and metal working to Photoshop design and drafting up plans, every girl can do what she loves the most.

But Girls Garage is more than a traditional summer camp that gives students skills and experience. Girls Garage provides girls with courage and confidence in approaching tasks that were previously oriented towards men.

Project H Girls Garage


Empowering Girls Through Work

Girls Garage has multiple programs that accommodate to the schedule of students. They offer week-long summer camps, after-school programs and weekend workshop. The garage is the unique place where girls can experiment and learn new techniques that would otherwise be seen as male pursuits.

The garage also has GAB – girls advisory board – made of students that also work in the garage. GAB provides ideas and suggestions on how to run the place and offer changes and updates. The initiative should empower girls to make decisions and become leaders. As Emily says, GAB demonstrates amazing results.

The garage aims at changing the perception of what girls can and cannot do, encourages their curiosity and boosts imagination. Today, The Girls Garage empowers more and more girls to change what they think they aren’t capable of and how they estimate their own skills. It helps girls do things that sound hard and difficult.

We believe in values of Girls Garage, and love to see that there is something so powerful and engaging for girls. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Source: designboom