Kids can easily get on your nerves with their misbehavior. However, there is no sense in hating them.

Mischief, picky eating, hysterical screams, messy rooms, unwashed hands, lies, bad grades – this list of problems that almost every parent has to deal with can be easily continued.

Sometimes it may seem that your kids deliberately provoke you to enjoy your emotional outbursts. Well, life can be pretty tough sometimes, but filling hatred towards your children won’t make it any easier. Actually, it will make it even worse.

Some people seem to enjoy their anger at their kids’ disobedience and misbehavior. They complain about children’s antics on social media sites, call them names and indulge in continual grumbling mixed with self-pity.

Such a type of behavior only makes you look silly: it is you who are the parent and you behave just like a hysterical child. You are supposed to be sensible and you wallow in infantilism. The only way to sort out your problems is to use your intellect, and anger only makes you dumb.

Rather than criticize and hate your kids, try to find out what lies at the root of their mischief. Here are some possible reasons:

  • attempts to attract their parents attention due to feeling lonely or scared
  • sibling rivalry
  • problems with peers and/or being bullied at school
  • quarrels between parents
  • health problems (such as otitis)
  • so called ‘two-year old crisis’ when kids desperately try to be independent of their parents

This list can be easily continued; so, when you are confronted with tantrums and shrieks, always look for reasons behind them. Sometimes it might easily turn out that it is you who badly needs to change your ways.

One of the most reliable parental techniques is to put yourself in your child’s place: kindness, patience and empathy are great virtues.