Summer is almost over and your kids are going to school very soon. Some of them are excited but what if yours is just worried? Many children love seeing friends and doing back-to-school preparations. But others have no idea how to cope with anxiety.

Feeling anxious is fine and it is an inevitable part of life. Changes can be scary but it’s important that parents know how to help a child with bigger problems, such as stress or depression.

Girl depressed because of school anxiety

Why Your Child Is Anxious

Many children worry about new teachers, new classmates, etc. Others afraid they won’t get good grades, won’t find friends or won’t be accepted. Some minor things can be huge for teens and kids. One of the most important things you can do is listen. Show empathy and your child will feel validated. Sometimes, it’s all that a child needs.

School can make children moody. These emotions appear because children have to forget about relaxed summer days and get back to a strict academic schedule. The first weeks of school are often the hardest. You can get a calendar and record all important dates, times and events, such as conferences, appointments, etc. Students should write in exam days, due dates and big games. This calendar will help your family stay organized.

How You Can Help

Parents can avoid chaos by following the schedule. Discuss how your children will manage their homework, what school activities are coming and how much free time children will have. Many children want to do everything at once, which causes struggles and anxiety. Some students disengage often, which makes them unmotivated.

Demotivated school boy

Be realistic about the grades of your child and encourage them to participate in school activities, making sure your child isn’t overwhelmed and have work-life balance. You can also enhance your child’s mood by doing back-to-school shopping together. Most kids love buying new things so buy something that will brighten their day in addition to standard school supplies and clothes. They will help when your unmotivated child will have to do homework.

As a rule of thumb, most kids are ready to return to the school schedule. For some, however, fear is normal and it will disappear. If your child is losing sleep or very irritable, you can contact a school counselor and ask for their support. Schools can refer you to a qualified professional who will prevent a future crisis.

Psychologist helps girl to fight school anxiety

The beginning of the school year is always the most challenging. But a positive start will help children succeed, and their performance will be higher if they don’t feel anxious at the beginning. Even if your child is stressed, parents can encourage positive thinking. Most issues will disappear with time, and most kids are stronger than their parents think.