Summer is a difficult season for keeping your little child comfortable and cool, even if you remain inside your house. However, there are simple tricks that will help you keep your baby cool in warm weather.

To start with, you should always dress your baby right. There are quality garments made of cotton that absorbs perception much better than a synthetic fabric. Don’t overdress your child; if you dress in shorts, choose a short for your baby too. However, you shouldn’t leave the baby’s skin exposed to the UV rays even on a gray day, so opt for the long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

Provide Good Ventilation

You should never leave a baby in a hot room or a parked car. Babies don’t perspire effectively and their temperature can spike in a minute, which can be life-threatening.

Get a Summer-Appropriate Baby Carrier

Your baby can get hot in a confining space of a baby carrier. Choose the model that is made of nylon rather than denim. If you see your baby’s face is flushed, remove him/her from the carrier.

summer baby carrier

Keep Your Child Hydrated

Even though babies don’t sweat like adults, a baby still loses more fluids in summer. Warm skin, flushed face, restlessness and rapid breathing are the main signs of dehydration. Babies under 6 months shouldn’t drink water, so always have extra formula for your infant. Babies should drink 50% more in summer, so keep that in mind.

Make a Schedule for Outdoor Activities

The hardest time to be outdoors is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., because the sun does the most damage to the skin during these hours. So, make a schedule for outdoor activities and avoid this peak period.

Seek Out Shade

When you come to the park, find a spot with a tree or a canopy. Or you can take something like a fabric to block the sun rays. However, the fabric should have mesh sides for good ventilation. You should also use sunglasses to protect the eyes of your child.

Get the Right Sunscreen

Babies under 6 months old have very delicate skin and you should keep them out of direct sunlight. But if your baby is taking a dip in the water, make sure you applied sunscreen. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is safe to apply a small amount of sunscreen to the baby’s skin.

For older babies, you should apply a more generous amount of sunscreen. Reapply it every two or three hours, or whenever the child gets wet. There are special sunscreens designed for babies, with an SPF of 15.

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Skin Soothers

If your baby sweats profusely in summer, you will see small red bumps that cluster on the neck, in the folds of the skin, knees and elbows. This is the heat rush that you can relieve by using cotton clothes and applying a baby powder to these areas. Keep a baby in a cool room to relieve symptoms. Skin soothers will also help keep your baby comfortable in summer.

Get Quality Sunglasses for a Baby

Sunglasses are much more than a fun accessory for a baby. There are cheap models and expensive models, and you should always speak to your doctor before buying glasses for a baby. Sometimes, babies shouldn’t wear sunglasses at all. Plastic shades that are sold on the roadside don’t protect your baby’s eyes so there is no purpose to use them.

sunglasses for baby

Do you know any other useful tips to keep your baby cool in warm weather? Share your ideas in the comments section!