Children grow up: it is inevitable. When you can’t change your circumstances, change yourself. It might sound trite, but it still works.

It feels… odd. Just a month ago you were called ‘mom’ and worried about your son or daughter returning home late at night. Now he or she is at university, and you suddenly feel as if your limbs were cut off.

Empty nest

You got used to being a parent, and now it seems as if you lost your identity. Your house feels empty, and it gives you the creeps.

Sometimes you can’t help crying: tears run down your face, and there is nothing you can do about it. When kids are no longer near, some married men and women file for divorce: it was the children who held them together. Can it be that your marriage will also break up?

Empty nest syndrome can easily make your life a misery. However, you can ease your pain if you have a plan how to deal with the situation.

Go on a journey. There are plenty of places you have never been too, and now you have a golden opportunity to visit them. National parks, ocean beaches, mountains, tropical islands: choose whatever you like.

happy elderly parents

Spend a lot of time together with your spouse to rediscover your husband or wife: this will help your marriage to overcome a crisis.

Take up a hobby. You can now fully devote yourself to learning foreign languages, playing chess, practicing crafts or even writing poetry. Who knows, maybe you will discover your new identity.

Write a list of the things you wanted to do all your life. Now you can actually do them!

happy parents and son graduateThere are many people who desperately need your help. Volunteer your services to charities, do community work and, as they say, make the world a better place to live in.

By the way, a lot of college graduates choose to live at home these days. It might be that your nest won’t be empty after all.