There are a lot of wrong things to say to a kid. Here, we discuss common phrases you should never tell to your child.

It may be surprising to discover that some commonly used phrases can dent self-esteem in kids. Let’s have a look at them.

I Am Sad Because Of You

Children aren’t responsible for your negative emotions. Of course, they should understand that their behavior affects your mood, but it is inappropriate to explain it with this phrase.

Don’t Make Me Turn the Car Around

This and other threats such as taking things away are not the best discipline techniques. But if you set rules, you should be consistent and don’t say anything you’re not going to do. Not following your words can encourage children to misbehave.

Follow My Rules Because You Live In My House

Threatening your child this way is just a terrible idea. What if your kid really leaves you? Or you can make him/her disturbed and frightened. It is probably an empty threat that you say in anger, so why saying something like that anyway?

I Hate When You…

You can add any behavior you find annoying to the end of the sentence. For a kid, it just sounds like ‘I hate you’. Everything else becomes blurred.

You Are Like Your Mom/Dad!

This could be a good thing, but many parents say this when the child is behaving like one of the parents and the other parent doesn’t like it. For a child, it means he/she is rejected. Besides, you force your kid to choose a side to please one of the parents.

How do you think, do people who say these phrases believe that are helping their kids? Can these phrases work? Share your thoughts in the comments section!