Children like to know their height and are extremely proud of every inch they gained in summer. So, why don’t you start to keep track of your kid’s growth using a DIY chart?

Ideas for DIY growth charts seem to revolve around two objects: a giant ruler and long tape. Let’s have a look at them both.

A Supreme Ruler

This project is really easy: you take an inexpensive pine board (1-1” x 8” x 6’) and turn it into a large-scale ruler that you hang vertically near your kid’s room door. Don’t be afraid of originality: you can either decide on natural wood color (like this blogger) or paint your growth chart white (like they did it here).

It is always worth browsing the Internet to choose the font that is ideal for your ruler (for instance, this blogger has decided on Century Schoolbook). Print out the numbers from 1 to 6 at 200 pt: now you have got yourself a stencil. Some people like the numbers on their rules to be ideally drawn, and some like them slightly uneven (after all, it is a DIY project and not some soulless stamped out product).

If you use a paint brush and apply a lot of paint, your numbers will feel slightly embossed. Use a tape measure to verify that you have hung your ruler the right way: you don’t want to steal the whole half-inch from your girl’s height.

Have Your Kid’s Height Taped

There is no doubt that giant rulers look nice and impressive. Then again, rulers might seem a bit bulky, and this is exactly the reason why some parents opt for the jute tape.

growth chart

All you might need are 6 or 7 feet of jute webbing, a large grommet to hang the tape measure on the wall, markers, pens and a stencil. Measure the length you need, write down the numbers (you don’t want to hurry doing this) and add a grommet to the top (just like this blogger did it here). Do not get sad if you don’t happen to have a grommet tool: for a while you can stick the top of your growth chart to any vertical surface using a piece of double-sided adhesive tape.



another way to attach the jute tape to a door or wall. You might sew one wooden dowel into the bottom of the tape and another into its top. Now you can hang the growth chart using a long ribbon attached to both sides of the upper dowel.

Time to have fun: arm yourself with large safety pins and key tags. Now find out how tall is everyone in your family; use pins to secure the tags with respective dates and names near the numbers on the jute. It is unlikely that mom and dad will get much taller in a year’s time; however, it might be enough for your son or daughter to gain another three inches.

Walking with giraffes

And now for something completely different: when this blogger says a DIY growth chart, she really means business. Just look at her giraffe: isn’t it a work of art? And, yes, you might try to repeat her feat at home: a PDF file with the giraffe outline will be sent to anyone who is ready to sign up.