Newborn babies don’t come with a manual and new parents have lots of questions about their behavior. Here are some amazing tips for new moms and dads from a person who has been in their shoes.

When my baby was born, everything was perfect – for the first month. Then for no visible reason, my bundle of joy turned into a crying machine. Coping with a fussy baby was a challenge, so I had to find techniques that help me and my little daughter go through everything with pleasure. Here are the top tricks I discovered.

Silence Isn’t What a Newborn Needs

You don’t have to be absolutely quiet while your baby is sleeping. Your baby spent a lot of time in your womb, which is quite loud. Babies are used to noises so you can watch TV or vacuum when your little one is sleeping. And don’t worry: your baby will be peaceful and wake up well rested.

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Comfort a Baby the Smart Way

When your little one is crying, you can comfort him/her by patting the back following the heartbeat rhythm. It helps babies burp faster and relax when they are crying from insecurity. If it doesn’t help, try swaddling and swinging a baby.

Handle the Latch-On Issues

If your baby has these issues, you can use special breast shields to help him/her. Some moms have to use shields for several months before their baby learn to latch onto the nipple without them.

Get Prepared

After the first couple of weeks, you will learn the new schedule and can focus on yourself a bit more. One way to help you find some spare time is to have everything ready for your hungry baby. Prepare for the next feeding when the previous one is over. During the day, use time during baby naps to shower, work out, watch something or take a nap too.

Keep Your Baby Awake During Feedings

When your baby is falling asleep while eating, you can massage his/her cheek to stimulate the child to eat faster. Try this little trick and you will forget about long sleepless nights. When babies are full before going to sleep, they also sleep longer between feedings. And they are calmer too!

Baby fall asleep eating

Give Your Baby Enough Time with Dad

Make sure your baby spends enough time with daddy. His voice is different than yours, and this will start a bonding process. It will give you a break as well. Besides, a baby will get used to staying with someone else other than mom.

Make sure your baby is full, as this will give him/her several hours with daddy. And resist the temptation to enter the room and help if your baby is crying. Dads need time to figure out what’s wrong. By allowing enough time with babies, your child will learn to trust other people, which will help a lot if you leave a baby with a sitter or a family member. Daddy can bath the child, put a baby to bed or just read and talk to him/her.

Even though infants are so lovable, all parents can have moments of frustration with their baby. These feelings are totally normal. What is important, though, is how parents deal with negative feelings. If it happens to you, place your baby in a crib and do something to relax – listen to music, have a cup of tea, read, etc. These negative feelings are natural and they will pass.

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