As your baby grows bigger every day, some parents want to capture these precious moments in a very creative way. Here, we talk about one talented photographer who found new amazing ways to make photos of babies.

The photographer we’re talking about is Angela Forker. When she became a grandmother, she decided to learn how to make pictures of newborns. She took a photography class to learn the basics and realized she absolutely loves making pictures of little babies.

As Angela says, she was inspired by Adele Enersen’ scenes when she developed her own series of creative photos of little babies against different backgrounds, from animals and gardens to space adventures and dinosaurs. Angela unleashed her creativity and now inspires photographers and parents around the world to try these amazing photo ideas.

baby and stork

How It All Started

Angela says her first photography project was for her first grandchild. She made series of photos with adventurous backgrounds. Now she has a second grandchild, who is only 5 months old. Forker takes pictures of her two grandchildren featuring them on a great journey – they even meet dinosaurs there!

baby and dinosaur

Angela says that her older grandchild was dreaming about having a picture with a T-Rex and she couldn’t refuse. Adding a little grandchild to the scene made it even more unique. Now she dreams about publishing a book with these and other pictures of her grandchildren.

Angela Forker also works with other babies and says it takes up to eight hours to create one scene. She DIYs everything: she paints a background, uses fabric and other materials to make items that are safe for children, and adds a lot of small details to create a magical atmosphere.

cosmo child

She says she never uses the same background once and she never gets tired of creating new stories for little babies. She says that the greatest satisfaction is when her clients know that she created the whole scene exclusively for their little baby. And she hopes her work inspires others to get creative.

pterodactyl and a child

Children feeding cute dino

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