Parenting can be challenging: every day you have to face a lot of difficulties. Jennifer L Gee offers you a viable method for dealing with worries: write down what haunts you and you will feel much better.

Basically, there are two approaches to writing. Some authors use their word processors for hours on end to find the right words and the right sentences to bring them together. The idea behind this technique is that you offer your readers the absolute best phrases and descriptions: they are precise, unequivocal and clear. Major writers – like John Steinbeck and F. Scott Fitzgerald – wrote like this.

And here is another method: all you have is ten minutes, a pen and a parenting journal. Use you extremely limited resources to write down your immediate problems, your sincere thoughts, your fears, your distress, your accomplishments, your joys, your happiness.

Anyone can write like this. You need no special skills or formal education. The end result of such writing might be extremely raw (bad grammar? misspelling? lack of coherence?), but it will definitely be extremely interesting to read. Your personality and your character will be clearly seen behind the words: your hardships and your delight will feel totally real even years from now.

There’s one more thing: when you put pen to paper, you are likely to get rid of very strong emotions that prevent you from being able to think clearly. It is no miracle: this way of dealing with painful experiences is called ‘catharsis’. Psychotherapists have been using it since the beginning of the 20th century, and it proved to be effective.

Written by a single mother of two children, Just Write It Down is an excellent example of catharsis. Although the book is written in very simple language, it is full of vivid descriptions of various difficult situations every parent might find herself in.

The entries from the author’s own parenting journal are raw and unedited, but then again they are frank and honest. Jennifer Gee started her parenting journal as an attempt to cope with a difficult event in her life (no spoilers here!). While she openly recounts the mistakes she has made, the book is truly optimistic: Jennifer’s achievements as a parent are obvious and indisputable. She is not afraid to admit that she is not a perfect mom, and her personal website is called to emphasize her beliefs. Nonetheless, she really does all she can to be an ideal parent, and never lets herself get upset when something goes wrong.

The author speaks from experience, and that adds weight to her advice and recommendations. She shows how these ten minutes when you write down what bothers or exhilarates you can help you to reduce stress, improve your life and become a better mom or dad. They say that the first step is always the hardest: Jennifer Gee helps you to take it and start writing entries in your parenting journal.

The guide is currently available as a Kindle eBook that will cost you as little as $3.99. A really good read!