In our recent review of the best baby monitors on market, we mostly concentrated on monitors that use radio waves to transmit sound. Are there digital analogs of these devices?

Basically, traditional baby monitors are very similar to walkie-talkies: they have a very limited effective range and are often plagued by electromagnetic interference. What’s more, they can only transmit sound so that you never have a complete picture of what happens in your baby’s room.

Modern surveillance cameras use Wi-Fi to transmit HQ audio and Hi-Res video: they are in a different league from regular baby monitors. So, if you are looking for a monitor to take care of your baby, it might be reasonable to decide on a device like the LeFun 720p Wireless Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera.

Here are some of its key features.

  • The LeFun 720p offers you a video resolution of 720P with motion detection.
  • The camera transmits the data to the Internet so that you can monitor your baby’s sleep virtually in any place with Internet access. You are not tied to any specific display to view your baby’s activity: you can use a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

  • The camera comes with a customizable motion alert feature: if there are any changes in the room, you will receive a notification with an optional snapshot.
  • The camera can be connected to your router via Wi-Fi or hardwire.
  • Any number of users can view its video; you can protect your privacy using a password.
  • The LeFun 720p can record video to a Micro SD card (supports cards up to 64 GB). When there is no free space on the card, existing video will be automatically overwritten.
  • You can choose between several resolutions from 1280×720 (best picture quality) to 160×90 (longest recording time).
  • The LeFun 720p is equipped with twelve infrared LEDs that are used in night vision mode. The camera automatically switches to night vision and provides astounding video clarity (black and white) even in a pitch black room.
  • You can remotely control and move the camera: it can zoom in and out, tilt (100 degrees) and rotate (350 degrees). There will be virtually no blind spots!
  • You can manually decrease the sensitivity of a built-in microphone to get rid of white noise.
  • The built-in speaker allows you to communicate with anyone who is near to the camera.
  • The LeFun 720p makes no noise: it is silent and will never disturb your baby’s sleep.

  • The camera is light (it weighs less than 0.8 pounds) and portable: you easily move it to use in any room with a wall outlet.
  • The LeFun 720p comes with a long cord: even if there is only one outlet in the room, you will still be able to use the camera.
  • The camera comes with a fixing device for secure installation.
  • A very moderate price makes the LeFun 720p a real bargain.

LeFun Smart is a Chinese company that manufactures electronic products that range from smart watches to portable projectors to wide angle cell phone cameras.