We live in a time when choices and desires of students are guiding pedagogy. This year, the new trends will emerge that define how students learn. Want to know what to watch in the year ahead? Keep on riding to find out!

The educational trends have a common goal: engaging students in learning and implementing new technologies to increase student enrollment. We expect a greater focus on attracting students and preparing them for the outer world.

1. Digital Badges

Have you heard of the Open Badge? It is an infrastructure that helps people connect with each other and with companies on a deeper level through certain badges. It’s not new, but the improved Open Badge Infrastructure 2.0 is expected to arrive by the end of the year. This is a growing trend and it’s getting more and more recognizable in the US and countries around the world. We don’t expect them to become mainstream this year, but you will definitely see some good progress.

2. Data Warehouses

Data revolution has been here for many years but in 2017 organizations will use data warehouses to deal with different problems, such as retention. We expect to see artificial intelligence working together with data warehouses.

Data Warehouse

3. Online Learning

Online courses and providers aren’t new and online learning opportunities will further expand. It is expected that new providers will offer independent courses by parenting with universities worldwide. We are expecting to see new market leaders and online learning platforms that help organizations and students engage in the learning process.

4. No More Letter Grades

It all has started with a small Facebook group that now has thousands of followers. They talk about moving away from letter grades and these conversations are more common than ever. It doesn’t mean students won’t have grades at all; they talk about changes in the letter grade system that hasn’t been changed for years.

5. Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning or PBL is growing big. This year we expect to see great improvements in this regard, with more and more teachers ready to try this concept.

6. College is Not For Everyone

Once again, this idea is not new, but it’s going to be discussed more by the end of the year. More and more people agree that not everyone should go to college and there are good alternatives out there that children should consider, as well.

7. Virtual Reality

There have been educational facilities that use virtual reality apps, but only in 2017, it is spreading everywhere. More and more teachers and students will use virtual reality and compatible apps in education.

The technology is getting better; people don’t get headaches after using virtual reality headsets, and we expect new players to join in 2017.

Virtual reality learning

8. Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has been around for years, but it is only getting to schools now. AI will be used in educational apps, and we’re waiting for the first AI experiments to arrive soon.

9. Virtual Assistants

Conversational technologies that help humans find data quickly can really help students. In 2017, we will see more education conversations about Siri and other assistants that can be used for educational purposes. We don’t think any advanced apps will appear in 2017 but it is the first step to combining learning process and conversation systems.

10. Games and Learning

Games are not just for kids anymore. We are waiting for the new game-based projects and products to appear. Game-based learning has shown amazing results and more teachers switch to this method. We think this topic will be discussed a lot during educational conversations.

11. Active Life

The quantified life is coming to schools. Therefore, we expect startups like Fitbit to appear and blend games and learning, as well as AI and conversational technologies.

12. Hollywood And School

In 2017, you should look for entertainment as a battleground for the minds of students. We expect this to happen by the end of the year.

13. Lego Inc. of Learning

Lego is coming to schools! Lego Inc. is still battling for their position in the digital learning environment, and we hope they succeed. We also expect other startups to help combine all the educational resources from different sources.

14. Credential Wars

We have already mentioned badges and how we expect them to grow this year. However, with all these badges, nano-degrees, credentials and online certificates, we expect new wars in 2017. However, it will be quite interesting to see what possibilities these wars will bring to students.

15. Choice

Many of you have probably heard about how students should choose programs in schools, and this year we expect more conversations around this topic. More and more people discuss new concepts of choice in education and if limitations in choice are beneficial/harmful for the system.

Are you following any of these trends? Share your opinion in the comments below!