A tidy garden with lots of flowers is your calling card; remember that first impressions are the most lasting. So, here are some original ideas for DIY planters: let’s get creative!

Tire Planter

Old tires make excellent garden furniture, and, what’s more, you can use them as planters. For example, this blogger joined a tire to an old-fashioned small stool and got herself a large container for growing flowers in.

Multi-level Tire Planter

Spray paint can really do wonders. Here they used it to paint several tires in different colors before turning them into planters. Then they stacked the planters into a neat pile and adorned it with an old clock and two brightly-colored flower pots. What a lovely picture!

Tea and Toast Planter

When it comes to gardening, a good rule of thumb is that you can upcycle virtually anything. This blogger felt that she simply couldn’t throw away her old toaster and teapot. So, she decided to fill them with dirt to plant some flowers. A beautiful cup and a vintage spoon were used to put the final touches to the still life.

Old Boot Planters

Turn the boots you kids have grown out of into attractive planters that can be hung on a fence. As your children get older you will be able to add more and more flowers to this remarkable hanging garden. Beauty is everywhere!

Dresser Planter

If you happen to have an old dresser, give it a second life by cleaning, painting (you will need to apply no less than two coats of paint) and placing in your garden. Open the drawers and line them with plastic garbage bags, punch a few holes for drainage and fix your dresser in place. Now you can fill it with soil and start planting! An excellent idea!

Floppy Disk Planter

Long gone are the days when floppy disks ruled the world. However, if you found a pack of floppies, do not get rid of them. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make an unconventional planter out of six floppy disks. Do not forget do drill some holes in the bottom: plants really need proper drainage. Although this planter is definitely too small for your garden, you can take it to work to remind you of home.

Book Planters

If there are books that you no longer want to read, turn them into planters (thick volumes known as ‘doorstoppers’ will be especially useful). This job, however, is going to be difficult and involve drilling, cutting and hot gluing. Still, there is no need to worry: here you will find detailed instructions on how to make a book planter, and if you feel intimidated by their complexity, simply buy a ready-made planter from this artist’s web-site.

Chandelier Planter

Last but not least, you can spray paint an old chandelier (it is better to use contrasting colors like deep red in the picture) and hang it on a protruding tree branch. Plants and flowers will be your bulbs: let there be light.