When we were kids, movie nights were something special and now we have warm memories of the whole family sitting together and eating snacks while watching a movie. TV gathered everyone around but now we have gadgets and we sit in separate rooms watching movies by ourselves. But there is hope! There are 4 simple steps that help you unite your family and throw an amazing movie night. Let’s go through these ideas to make your movie night a success.

Schedule Your Night

Choose a date and talk to everyone in advance by mentioning how awesome the night is going to be (mention homemade pizza, we’re giving you the recipe below!). And here are the menu ideas for your movie night. Start by throwing a movie night once and then ask everyone if it should happen again. If something went wrong, analyze your mistakes, make changes and try it one more time several months later.

Family Movie Night

Keep Children Busy

You can start uniting family before the night begins by asking your children to help you with snacks. For example, you can tell them that if they help you, the pizza will be ready sooner. It sounds engaging and not like a command. Kids don’t like doing chores, so think about ways to keep them busy beforehand.

Little babies can play in a highchair and put all the ingredients into the bowl. Preschoolers can decorate the pizza turning it into a face with pepperoni eyes and cheese hair. Teens can cut toppings and take care of music. When you ask your teen to be a DJ, you’re showing interest in their hobbies and activities. And this will help them be willing to participate in the movie night even after the pizza is over.

Family Movie Night

Movie Night Pizza Recipe

Take a mixing bowl and pour 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 cup of hot water and 1 packet of yeast. Let them sit for 10 minutes. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. While everything is sitting, take cornmeal and sprinkle it over the pizza peel and take the toppings out of the fridge.

When you see that yeast foams in the mixing bowl, add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and one pinch of salt. Add three cups of wheat flour until the dough reaches the right consistency. Sometimes, 2 cups of flour are enough.

When you can easily get the dough out of the bowl, put it on a countertop dusted with flour. Roll the dough flat and shape it to fit your pizza stone. Take your toppings and add them to your pizza, then shuffle in onto the pizza stone. The pizza will be ready quickly, 10-15 minutes is usually enough. When the cheese is browned, pizza is ready! While your pizza is in the oven, everyone can get into the living room and prepare for the movie night.

Family pizza

Create A Super Comfy Atmosphere

We think little preparation can really pay back! If you are ready to redesigning your living room a bit, create a comfy atmosphere to make everything feel special. Start with your furniture – everything should be inviting and warm, so drag the most comfortable chairs into the room. If you don’t mind spending dollars on new items, get new pieces that are fun to lounge in.

Family Movie Night

Of course, the main attractions of the evening are the movie and snacks, but the atmosphere you create around the TV is what will be remembered many years later. So, get creative here and create super comfortable seats in the room. And you can invite your family to help you!

Another cornerstone of a successful movie night is the food and drinks that are easily accessible. Make sure you have enough tables that everyone can reach. Even your little ones should be able to take drinks and snacks without spilling them every time.

Surprise Your Family

Sometimes, your family can get distracted during the movie night. Thus, a surprise will keep boredom at bay. You don’t need to buy anything; a simple surprise such as a popcorn bar with toppings or something sweet will be amazing. Just don’t tell anybody about it until they get distracted. This plot twist will make them more excited about the next movie night, as well.

Family Movie Night

If everybody loves the night, you can make them monthly or even weekly. You can make it a tradition with simple rules (like not choosing the same movie or rating restrictions if you have children) then every week a new family member will get to pick a new movie. The main idea is to have an amazing time together! Everything else can wait.

How was your last movie night? Share your experiences in the comment section!