Of course, your grandparents know a lot about safety and they can keep everything in check. But if they have to watch your kids full time, they can fall a bit short sometimes. So, there are simple things to do to make sure everyone is safe.

Different rooms require different actions, so here are room-by-room changes we recommend you to make.


Toddlers can accidentally touch things that are hot or poisonous. Install safety latches on doors of cabinets with knives and cleaning fluids. Ask your grandparents to turn pot handles towards the back of the stove.

This Is How To Make Your Next Visit To Your Grandparents Safe


If your grandparents forget their medication on the counter, a disaster might happen. Ask them to store their pills in a locked container and all blow-dryers and curlers should be removed from the tub.


Ask your grandparents to remove throw rugs and install outlet covers to keep children from probing where they shouldn’t.

Child safety at home

Living Room

There are often cords stretching across the living room that can be a big danger. Bundle lamp cords and ask your parents to keep alcoholic beverages out of reach.

Family Room

The TV cabinet and the bookcases is a concern as they can cause a toddler to fall over and get injured. If they can’t secure items to the wall, ask them to watch kids more closely in the family room.

Child safety at home