Most of us have had at least one best childhood friend that we will never forget. Most of those friends were humans but one cute one-year-old Japanese girl named Mame has a huge poodle named Riku as her best friend.

These two are arguably the cutest child-pet tandem I’ve ever seen. They do everything together, from strolling outside, taking a nap, dressing up or reading a book. Riku is much bigger than Mame but regardless of it, they get along well and play together. Mame’s grandmother makes sure the world knows about their adventures by making cute photo shoots and posting them on her Instagram account. She also has two other dogs, Qoo and Gako, who love playing with Mame as well.

These two are simply inseparable! Riku follows the girl whatever she is doing, they even play hide-and-seek together. Both of them are really adorable; no wonder their pictures are so cute. They are the best of buddies!

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