Everybody wants to have a Ford. Dads usually dream of mighty pickup trucks like the Ford F-250, moms are anxious to get themselves the Ford Fusion (looks incredibly stylish) and elder sons long for the Ford Mustang Shelby (the fastest pony car ever that eats rivals like the Chevrolet Camaro for breakfast). Is there a model that Ford can offer to newborns?

The Max Motor Dreams

Every new parent struggles with lack of sleep. Not only does sleep loss make you dumb and lead to health problems, it is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. One of the most popular ways of rocking your newborn to sleep is taking her for a ride in your vehicle: nothing soothes and calms infants better than a good old night-time drive. It seems that small children really like those nasty vibrations from bumps and potholes, and the engine’s rumbling punctuated by the sounds of car horns is music to their ears.

But do you really need to start the engine of your Ford C-MAX every time you want to send your infant to sleep? Is there a viable alternative to driving through the city at night?

Meet the Max Motor Dreams: an innovative crib designed by Ford España in collaboration with Espadaysantacruz Studio as a part of an advertising campaign for the MAX models. While there is something undeniably nostalgic about the appearance of this baby bed, it is equipped with such modern devices as a Bluetooth module, vibrating mattress, audio system and LED-lights so that the crib can mimic the engine noise, street lighting and even the motion of a night-time drive.

Max Motor Dreams

To use the Max Motor Dreams you need to download a special application on your smartphone. Fix the smartphone to the dashboard and drive for a while so that the application is able to record the movement and sound of your car. This data is then sent to the crib, so it imitates the sound and motion your baby really knows and likes, and not some generic (and, possibly, ineffective) vibration and noise. The top part of the crib pulsates with the soft warm glow and simulates the lights of passing cars and street lamps.

“The Max Motor Dreams could make the everyday lives of a lot of people a little bit better,” says Alejandro López Bravo, the designer of the crib. As the crib frees the parents from the need to be awake and alert at the wheel, they can try and catch up on some sleep.

The Max Motor Dreams

However, if you are a new parent, do not hurry to get to the nearest Ford dealer as fast as possible. Uncovered in Cologne, Germany on April 6, 2017, the Max Motor Dreams – at least for now – is a one-off pilot. On the bright side, the company has received so many inquiries about the crib that it is actually considering the full-scale production of this unique product.

The creators of the working prototype of the crib plan to give it away in a raffle. Lucky you who wins it!