It is quite common Studies Reveal Married nowadays to see men doing dishes or laundry while women are working or just relaxing at home. There is no more “women’s housework”. But recent study has found that this means less sex for men. Let’s dig deeper into the subject.

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Modern women prefer men who are ready to help them around the house. However, a new study suggests that some division of housework can be sexier than others. A paper published by the American Sociological Review indicates that married couples in which men take care of a bigger part of the housework had sex less often than those men who do less chores than women. Five times a month is the sex average in the US and married couples in which men do male chores have sex more often than average.

The Key Findings

Taking the exact numbers revealed by the study, men who performed all female housework would have less sex than men who didn’t do female chores at all. The study authors got the number by utilizing the data from the Survey of Families that surveyed 4,500 American married couples. The study found that there is a connection between chores and sex life by analyzing the data from the survey on sexual satisfaction: they found that females who prefer traditional division of labor felt happier than women in more gender-neutral couples.

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Of course, there are critics of the study. The main argument against it is the fact that the study is based on data that was collected in 1990s. Sociologists say that husbands and wives are quite different these days and younger generations are comfortable with equal division of labor. Even though gender roles are slow to change, they have changed during the last 20 years.

On the other hand, there are studies that claim that little has changed in husband’s participation in housework. Sociologists call this situation the “stalled revolution”. What is most interesting about younger generations is not that males tend to do more “females” chores but the fact that millions of fathers are not in the home.

Should Married Men Do Any Chores?

So does the study suggest that married men can become slobs and let their wives do the cleaning, washing, shopping and cooking? No, it doesn’t. The authors of the study say that males who refuse to help females do the chores are more likely to create conflict in marriage. And since many married females work full-time nowadays, what is better for sex life may be unworkable in real life. Researchers say that every couple should find a solution that works best for both of them. It is not an easy task but it is possible. Of course, there are couples that share all tasks traditionally and they are really happy, but there are also couples that prefer to share domestic tasks equally.

Some may think that it is sexism, so let’s be clear about what the study means. They found statistical averages, which are not applicable to all couples. There are women who prefer reading Popular Mechanics and men who love cleaning and cooking. But, as the study reveals, they are a minority. On our search for solution to the perfect balance, it is best by figuring out the truth about who we are.

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What do you think about this study? Do you think that equal division of chores is harmful for your sex life? Share your opinion in the comments!