Dads are often expected to be role models for their sons. These life stories prove that moms can also be held up as an example to their kids.

Ben Chestnut is a co-founder of MailChimp based in Atlanta, Georgia. He says that it was his mom who gave him his first lessons in entrepreneurship. Having had to give up her beauty salon in Bangkok, she did all she could to make money in the US.

She made dishes and sold them to neighbors by the plate, sold fruits and vegetables from her garden and cut and styled hair. She never made a big deal of what she was doing: it wasn’t called ‘businesses’, it was called ‘survival’.

Although her son has successfully established an email marketing platform, he doesn’t like the hype that surrounds many modern startups. In order to survive he develops quality products and does all he can to make them even better; what he really wants is to serve his customers well. He takes after his mother in unpretentiousness and continual hard work.

Tony Xu, a co-owner of the food-delivery startup DoorDash located in San Francisco, says that his mom came to America from China, and did her best to work her way up from waitress to the restaurant manager. She used her savings to start a medical clinic, and when she faced obstacles (like her Chinese medical degree not being recognized in the US), she always managed to find ways to overcome them.

Xu says that he only realized the full scale of his mom’s achievement when he started building websites for her clinic. His mother was her own boss and an entrepreneur – and Xu became aware that he really wanted to follow her lead.

There are many ways you can teach your children how to achieve success in life. Sometimes all you need to do is to be successful as a professional and never flinch from work: children are known to copy their parents.