A mom just posted a rant video about the popular Teen Vogue magazine that published an article about anal sex.

In her short video, mom talks about how this magazine (which she says is for 11-17 years old children even though their target group is 18-24-year-olds) ‘sodomized’ children by publishing articles about sex and relationships.

Then she says that parents or adults should never talk about sex with children. So, if you’ve been talking to your kid about the amazing changes that happen to his/her body, this mom says you should stop. Basically, she says sex education talks don’t let children be innocent.

I read that Teen Vogue article and found it quite informative. There is nothing dirty, just an honest explanation of anal sex. The article doesn’t engage anyone to participate in it. It just says that some people do this and they actually like it. I think this article helps teens make informed decisions about their private life.

The Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth said that their audience is 18-24, and I don’t think they are children. They may not have lots of experience and knowledge but they are old enough to make decisions. Besides, parents educate kids how to do so many different things, but for some reason, sexual education is forbidden.

Most people have sex and you can explain to your teen that it is a beautiful act; it is very beneficial for your body and mind, and it feels great. Sooner or later, your child might start masturbating and it has medical benefits, too! If the medical facts aren’t enough, sex is a great opportunity to bond with another person on a very intimate level.

It’s hard for me to believe that some people think that sex becomes a magical thing only after marriage and if you’re not married but have sex, you’re discussing and ‘sodomized’. Even governments all over the world encourage parents to have open, honest conversations with children about sex and their changing bodies.

I’m one of those parents who have important discussions with children. My friends who have children also think it is important to talk about puberty, masturbation, all types of sex, desires and emotions. However, I also know parents who think their angelic child will never do anything like this.

Many parents forget that they were doing the same and experimenting with their bodies. Sex is a natural thing, it is one of those things that are pleasant to us and parents should communicate this idea to their kids. Keeping them in dark won’t do any good and it definitely won’t keep them safe.

Should we let kids make their own decisions about sex without educating them about it? I think as parents, we should have the strength to overcome discomfort and talk about condoms, masturbating, periods and other things. We were brainwashed that talking about sex will increase the amount of sex underage individuals have. But do you want your child to know how to handle the responsibility? Do you want to be the one who will reveal all mysteries about sex?

I personally think we are amazing species who have progressed enough to teach our children to love their bodies. Sex isn’t garbage and I hope new generations will know much more about ways out bodies can find pleasure than we knew when we were younger.