When a woman becomes a mom, she may notice she doesn’t have time for a corporate job anymore. Does it mean you have to be a full-time mom? Not necessarily. These 10 moms found a way to trade their jobs for more flexible careers and shared their tips and tricks with you.

Allyson Downey

Downey has been involved in politics, publishing and many other careers, including a job on Wall Street. And then, she got pregnant and sidelined. But she wasn’t ready to sit at home and founded weeSpring.com in 2013.

She says that personal connection is her most valuable asset. She loves helping other people and this comes back to her tenfold.

Dr. Renee Dua

Dr. Renee Dua was a physician practicing hypertension, internal medicine and nephrology. After an agonizing experience with her little son, she formed Heal. Her goal is to offer more convenient option for medical care and Heal is an app that allows you to get a qualified doctor to your door with a touch of a screen.

She said she found a nanny, asked her parents to help her and then started a new business. Dua learned everything herself with her husband supporting her on this way.

Karen Beninati

Beninati has always wanted to be a film producer and it appeared that film making is almost impossible to do when you’re a new mom. It was really hard to find childcare during late nights, weekends, etc, so she created WeVillage – a flexible childcare service.

She said you should be brave to create something that doesn’t exist. She saw an opportunity and she created a business from scratch.

Kyla Dahrling

Dahrling took the risks of quitting her beloved job after giving birth to her second child. She created Tiny Trucker Company that makes hats for parents and children and her goal is to give moms an opportunity to work flexible hours.

She said she worked late nights or mornings before her children wake up or after they go to bed. Her husband supported her so she could work during weekends as well. She turned her garage into a storage facility and her family members helped to keep the kids busy while she was working.

Lyss Stern

Stern was a kindergarten teacher but when she gave birth to her son 13 years ago, she launched her NYC-based marketing company. Divalysscious Moms works with brands such as Stokke Strollers and UPPABaby and more and the company is a huge success. Stern is also an author of a best-selling book “If You Give A Mom A Martini.”

She said it’s important to do your research before you jump into something new. Besides, you should ask family and friends for help.

Rachel Pitzel

Pitzel was once an attorney who worked with property from $20 to $100 million until she gave birth to her son and founded ClubMomMe – the event company for new and expecting moms. Then she sold the company and became a digital influencer, working with high-end brands in the US.

She said your schedule should be free of tasks that don’t help you pursue your career. She automated diaper shipments, outsourced grocery and other tasks and streamlined processes that took too much time.

Nadine Bubeck

Bubeck woke up at 2:30 am to work as a traffic anchor for the news. When her first son was born, she decided to quit her job and founded Mama B. Designs – a boutique apparel line to spread prematurity awareness. She is a lifestyle contributor in magazines and online as well.

She said you should be brave and you’re strong to be able to achieve everything you want. The only thing you can’t get back is time.

Agatha Achindu

Achindu was an IT executive who couldn’t find fresh fruits for her newborn baby. For this reason, she started cooking organic food recipes and freezing them. That’s how she started teaching new moms healthy meals for their babies. Now, you can find her brand Yummy Spoonfuls at Target.

She said you should be passionate about your idea because being a working mom isn’t easy. She recommends getting financing before you leave your job and says you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

Lindsay Pinchuk

Pinchuk quit her ad sales career and started to host educational and social events for expecting moms. Her company Bump Club and Beyond hosts events in 25 cities in the US and over 250,000 expecting parents engaging and getting educating about their new life.

She said you should start slow and make one step at a time. Always ask for help if you need it. She said her spouse, parents, friends and staff have helped her build her company and now she’s able to see her kids and be with them.

Jenny Keller

Keller is a Seattle native who did the grind of the coffee biz before her first child was born. Today, she is a crafting stylist with her works being featured in the US Weekly, People, Life & Style and many others. She is an author of the book Eat More Dessert about themes to style your sweets.

She said she used nap times when her child was little. She did everything during nap times and it helped her build her own brand.

I hope these stories inspired you to keep moving forward and never give up on yourself. Are you a working mom? Share your experience in the comments section!