Although ‘Monopoly’ is an amazing board game with more than 80 years of history, players often complain that sometimes it can go on for hours. Meet ‘Monopoly Deal Card Game’: it is very quick to play and as fun as the original.

Hasbro, the owner and the producer of the traditional Monopoly game, seems to have heard the numerous complaints of the players all over the world. Don’t get us wrong, Monopoly is fine as it is, but when it is late at night and you want to play a quick game or two, Monopoly is simply out of the question as it tends to last for several hours. So, here is Monopoly Deal Card Game: a typical game lasts under twenty minutes, and it takes you no time at all to learn the rules.

Just like the original game, Monopoly Deal Card Game features numerous properties: to make up a monopoly, you need to build a full property set. Unlike the original game, you don’t have to land on the right space at the right time to buy and own all of the properties in a group.

You start with 5 cards, and your goal is to complete and lay down three monopolies. Each turn you draw two new cards: some of them represent properties, and some are action cards of several types. First, there are Wild Cards that you can use instead of properties. Second, there are Dirty Tricks that allow you to steal cards from other players (remember, son, never buy something that you can get for free) or force them to give you money or sell their properties to you (a good word and a gun can really do wonders, bro). Third, there are Just Say No Cards that allow to you not to pay rent or to counter an attempt to steal from you. As there are a lot of action cards in the deck, what you lost in one round can be brought back in the next: the game is very quick and its mood strongly resembles that of the classic con movies like Paper Moon and The Sting.

Although the manufacturer recommends Monopoly Deal Card Game for ages 8 and up, some bright gentlemen who are 6 years old manage to play it much better than their parents and grandparents. One deck (110 deal cards) is enough for as many as six players to forget all about time and space for a long while: the more people play the game, the funnier it gets as everyone tries to keep the top player down. The deck takes up very little space, and you can keep it in your car or bag when going on a trip. What’s more, Monopoly Deal Card Game is extremely reasonably priced: it is not often that you can get so much fun having spent less than five bucks.

Monopoly Deal Card Game is all about quick thinking, choosing the right strategy and having a bit of good luck. Millions of people have already got addicted to it: want to give the game a try?