Have you been blessed with twins? Congratulations! Now you’ve got some shopping to do. However, it doesn’t mean you have to double every item you’re going to buy; there are special equipment that are designed for a duo. Read on to see what we found for twins. Check out our top picks and tell us your favorite equipment.

Car Seats

There is no such thing as a car seat for twins as this would be a safety issue. However, there are car seats that are compatible with a double stroller. These are called travel systems and they can be really helpful when you need to go out with your twins. Shop for car seats that are lightweight so you can easily manage two seats.


When your babies are little, you can have them both in one crib. However, later on, you will need two cribs for your twins. The best cribs are tight-fitting because they make sheet changes quicker and easier. Opt for a lightweight model that you can easily hold with one hand. There are also a few twin crib models on the market but they are more expensive.

Soft Goods

Soft goods mean everything that you’re going to wash regularly, for example mattress protectors, crib sheets, bibs, and so on. Make sure to have enough of these because each twin needs his/her own set, or you will have to constantly do laundry to make sure everything is clean.

Baby Carriers

A twin baby carrier is an absolute must-have if you have twins. When your babies are little, you can carry one twin and your partner can carry the other. At some point, you will have to carry them both. Twin baby carriers are the only way to ensure your hands are free. We would recommend choosing carriers that don’t need a separate infant insert only because they are more convenient.

Things That Your Babies Can Put In Their Mouth

Make sure to have more of these because you don’t want your babies to share items (and germs). This includes dispensers, nasal aspirators, pacifiers, and so on. We recommend getting two of different colors and labeling them so your baby will have his/her own set.

Activity Gear

Make sure to prepare more space to contain and entertain your twins; however, you don’t have to buy more toys in the same category. For example, you can get only one activity mat, one bouncy seat, one high chair, etc. While one baby is on his/her seat, the other is relaxing on the mat.


One bath tab is enough and will serve you for years. And you don’t need a lot of bath toys, either. One set of toys is enough.

Diaper Bag

You will need only one huge diaper bag that can hold two times more diapers than a regular bag. Choose the one that has many pockets to accommodate all diapers, clothing, and food supplies.

Diaper Pail

Even though you will have to change twice as many diapers, one diaper pail is enough. You will change the insert more often, but that’s it. The best diaper pails are made of steel and can trap smells. They also allow you to use a kitchen bag (which is cheaper than special bags). However, if you live in a two-storey house, you may want to have one diaper pail on every floor.

What would you suggest to add to our list of must-haves for twins? Have you found a helpful item you used that you would suggest? Share your ideas in the comments below. Thank you.