We’ve been always told that after school every person who wants to succeed in life should go to college. Maybe now your kids are thinking whether to go there. But what if they don’t want to go to college?

This is not against college. It’s nice to have a degree in something you love and many students love college. But what about those who don’t?

Why College?

It’s fantastic when kids are studying their favorite subject and preparing for the next stage of their life. But more and more students graduate from college without any idea of what to do because they’ve only done what they’ve been asked. And some of them are in a huge debt.

Maybe your kid loves college and I’m very happy for you. But if you are a parent of a child who is not motivated to go there, there is another way around. There are many subjects that kids can learn outside of school: painting, filming, selling, acting, etc. Sometimes, school careers just aren’t for your kid.

There are many entrepreneurs who don’t have a degree but they are very successful in what they do.

Young Entrepreneur

So, Is It That Important?

Not really if you support your child and encourage them to follow their passion. So, try to find out what your children really love. If you empower them to pursue their dreams, they will. And your children will become good at what they love because they will work hard. When kids go to college, they often do this because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. But sometimes a passion leads to a successful career.

Teen painter

But sometimes, a childhood passion doesn’t lead to a career and that’s totally fine as well. Your child can find a new hobby later and life and decide to make it his full-time job. You never know. And because of that, college can’t be a must. Listen to your child and you will see what she really needs.

What If Your Child Doesn’t Want To Go To College?

If your child is one of these who loves something else than school, don’t force them to spend years learning boring subjects and taking a student loan. Their future will be bright. As a parent, you can encourage them to pursue their dreams and passions.

Teen photographer

Talk to your kids and let them know you’re proud that they are working hard. And don’t let your children think that if they don’t go to college, they’re a disappointment. They will figure out what they want in this life. Eventually, something will happen. And you know they will be much happier, which is really important.