With so many distractions nowadays, parents can lose sight of child’s needs. Without realizing, parents can say things that have a negative impact on kids and lead to destroyed confidence, low self-esteem and unhealthy social development.

With all this in mind, here are the popular phrases said by parents that should never be said to children.

You Have To Eat It Because It Is Good For You

Telling children that they have to eat something because it’s healthy never works. Don’t focus on the healthy side of foods because kids will assume it tastes bad. Want your kids to eat peas and broccoli? Tell them they are delicious.

I Am On a Diet

We all have bad days and you may look in a mirror once and think you’re a fat slob, but your child always thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world. They want to be like you. When you openly criticize yourself, you’re teaching them to behave this way and denigrate a person they really love.

I Smoked/Used Drugs/etc. When I Was a Kid

Your children model your behavior so if you don’t explain why drugs/cigarettes/alcohol is bad for them, they will think it’s totally fine.

Crying Children Are So Annoying

Your children should be able to show their negative emotions. Explain that it’s fine to feel happy, angry, sad, etc.

It’s Not Even That Important

Something may be unimportant for you but a huge deal for a child. When you tell it’s not a big deal, you shame their feelings. Your child is sad about the issue and then you’re embarrassed him/her on top of that. This phrase never helps feel better.

What do you think about these phrases? Are there better options to express your feelings? Share in the comments below!