According to the new guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, little babies should avoid drinking fruit juice unless there is a medical reason for it. According to previous guidelines, juice wasn’t recommended for kids under age of 6 months.

According to the report, there are no nutritional benefits and children don’t need fruit juice in their healthy diet. The new guidelines recommend limiting juice intake to four ounces per day for little children, up to six ounces for children age of 6 and eight ounces for older children.

The report states parents shouldn’t give juice in bottles that allow children to drink lots of juice and they shouldn’t get juice before bedtime. The guidelines talk about 100% juice products, not juice drinks. They are inferior to fruit juice because they contain flavors, sweeteners and fortifiers.

The AAP said that even though juice has some benefits, it has negative effects on little children. It has high sugar content, which increases the risk for dental cavities and other health conditions. Instead, the AAP said children should eat whole fruits that don’t increase calorie intake and contain the fiber.

The report also advises pediatricians to inform parents about the new findings. Of course, fresh juice is still beneficial for children older than 1 year old and it should be a part of their diet.