So here is a question to all parents: do you share your bed with your baby? This topic is controversial as there are studies about benefits of sharing a bed and studies that even link this habit to serious illnesses. So, should you share?

According to the study, sharing a bed with a baby is getting more and more popular. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sleeping in separate beds; the US Consumer Product Safety Commission also supports this idea. Moreover, Medical News Today published an article explaining how bed-sharing can lead to the sudden infant death. These are only a few examples of many studies proving that bed-sharing can be dangerous for your kid and unhealthy for you.

sharing bed with your baby

Sleeping In One Bed with a Baby Is Dangerous

Bed-sharing increases the risk of airway obstruction, overheating, head covering, rebreathing and exposure to potentially dangerous situations. Besides, bed-sharing in a bed that is not meant to be for little babies exposes a lot of risks for accidental death or injury (for example, suffocation, entrapment, falls, and asphyxia).

Little babies (those who are less than 3 months old) and those who were born with low birth weight are at higher risk because they don’t have proper motor skills and their muscles are weak, thus it is difficult for them to escape threats.

A couple of years ago, the AAP published a study stating that even sleeping on a sofa significantly increases the risks of the sudden death. They said that out of over 9,000 infant deaths, over 12% happened on sofas. Most of the babies were sharing it with a parent when they died.

There are also a lot of reports that show the risks of death as a result of bed-sharing. For example, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail published an article about the deaths of twin babies. The reason was their mother who accidentally suffocated the infants while they were all sleeping in the same bed. Then, they published another article about the same subject. The mother accidentally suffocated her baby by rolling over her.

And one last report that I want to share was published by the WQAD News. The report is about parents who were charged for the death of their baby. The parents were under influence sleeping with the baby on the same bed and unconsciously rolling on top of him.

Therefore, the AAP warns you about the high risks of accident when sharing a bed with a baby. They also stress the importance of not sleeping with a baby when the parent is tired, has been smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. So here is a question: if bed-sharing is so dangerous for babies, why so many families practice it?

sharing bed with your baby

You Decide Whether Or Not It Is Worth It

Even though the topic is controversial, the majority of people agree on one thing: parents should decide whether or not share a bed with an infant. It is about what suits your family. There is no golden rule of bed sharing, and nothing stops you from doing that.

I think that every parent wants to be the best they can be and ensure their babies are happy. But it is important to make informed decisions and know the risks before doing something. This way, you can help your baby to be healthy and reach their full potential.

What do you think about this topic? Have you tried bed-sharing or do you think it is safe? Share your opinion in the comments bellow!