According to the new study, frequent sex can significantly improve brain function in seniors.

Researchers from the universities of Coventry and Oxford found that older people can significantly benefit from the frequent sexual activity. They scored higher on tests that measure their verbal frequency, ability to analyze objects and perceive spaces between them. The study involved 73 people older than 50.

Senior people kissing

The Core of The Study

Participants answered a questionnaire on how often they had engaged in sexual activity during the last year. They also answered questions on their lifestyle and overall health. The test was aimed to measure attention, memory, fluency and language in seniors.

For example, they had 60 seconds to name as many animals as they could or as many words starting with a certain letter as possible – it helped to measure their cognitive abilities. They were also asked to copy different designs and draw things from memory.

Researchers found that elderly who engaged in sexual activity more often scored higher, with the verbal fluency test being the easiest for them. These results prove that sexual activity has a huge effect on brain power even though it doesn’t improve memory, language or attention.

The Results

The study continued the previous research, which proved that older adults who had sex frequently scored higher on cognitive tests than those who weren’t active. But the new study is more specific about the impact of the sexual activity. Besides, it used more tests to analyze different areas of cognitive function.

The researchers say they would continue studying this subject to find how biological elements, such as oxytocin and dopamine, influence the connection between brain power and sexual activity. Dr. Hayley Wright, the lead researcher, said that they still don’t know whether it’s driven by physical or social elements.

Senior people sex relationship

Why Is It Important?

This study is important since it allowed researchers to be one step closer to understand why sex influences brain activity, what elements and mechanisms are there, whether there are factors that can change the outcomes, etc.

Most people don’t like to think that elderly can have sex as well – but this perception is slowly changing and studies like this revise the conception on a social level. Sex has plenty of benefits for both seniors and younger people, and not all the effects have been found.