So, you would like to adorn your little rascal’s bedroom, but do not have much free time. Here are some great ideas that will take you mere minutes to put into practice.

A Bookend

Boys love their toy soldiers: they are the best toys ever. You can easily turn a retired war hero into an appealing bookstand. Just cut him in two and glue both parts to a bookshelf: a good way to kindle your boy’s interest in reading.

New York, New York

Plan to visit the city that never sleeps? Fallen in love with the Manhattan skyline? Really can’t do without them skyscrapers littering the streets? Use washi tape to create an outline of the Big Apple: it will give your or your kid’s bedroom a classy vintage look. If you don’t have washi tape you might use a jumbo-sized marker pen instead; however, in this case the drawing will stay with you for good.

A Nautical Rope Mirror

Regular mirrors are rarely suitable for a boy’s bedroom for their lack of adventurous spirit. Some fifty feet of manila rope and a glue gun will turn a soulless plastic framed mirror into a real nautical instrument. Super easy and super stylish!

A Wrench Coat Peg

Normally, coat pegs are dull: there is nothing exciting about them. Why don’t you bend some wrenches and screw them onto the wall, like they did it here? Wrenches evoke memories of bicycles and roller skates and make you dream of muscle cars and monster trucks. 100% masculine.

wrenches on the wall

A Triangular Wall Storage System

In Britain they know how to organize space. Say ‘no’ to cluttered tables and heaps of stuff lying on the floor. Brightly colored and extremely appealing, these triangular wall boxes are ideal for small objects and stationery. All you need to do is to get some cardboard and spray paint, download a free printable template and create a storage system of your dreams.

A Batman-inspired Lamp

Have you ever tried to mix a bulb with a Batman mask? Hang them on the wall, and here is your superhero bedside lamp that every teenager dreams of having. Turn the lamp on, and Batman’s eyes will light up: a dark knight of a brightly lit room. There is, however, no need to stick to this particular superhero. If your kid likes Spider-Man better, choose him to your boy’s room protector!

A Cherry Blossom Tree

This blogger found a new way of using a soda bottle. Draw a long thin branch with black paint; a piece of poster board cut in half lengthwise will make a perfect canvas. Dip the bottom of a plastic bottle in pink paint and press it on the poster board to create the five petals of a cherry blossom. You will get an original painting that you can put on any wall!

A Garage

Boys like cars, and every car needs a garage. Builders’ tubes can be easily converted into display racks: originally intended for preschoolers, this simple yet cute DIY project might be especially useful to owners of large collections of toy cars.