Back to school worries affect parents no less than children, especially when it comes to kid’s health.

According to the new report released by the University of Michigan, parents’ top worries include cyber bullying and bullying when it comes to their child’s health. Parents also worry about stress, internet safety, school violence and vehicle accidents.

Worried Dad

The report is based on responses of 2,051 adults. Researchers found that worries are different in different racial groups. For example, African-American parents said they’re mostly concerned about school violence and inequities affecting their kids.

The poll’s co-director Gary Freed said that adults in the US consider cyber bullying and bullying as the main health problems of modern children. This is the eleventh year parents have been surveyed on their top health concerns for children and teens.

Researchers also found that parents’ main worries depend on the children’s ages. For example, parents of children ages 0-5, the top health concern was cancer even though cancer in little children is quite rare. Parents of little babies have concerns of serious conditions even though there is a small risk for them.

As more children can freely access social media and internet, many parents are worried about child’s safety online. Cyberbullying is discussed by experts and everyone agrees it has huge effects on kid’s mental health. Parents express concerns about online harassment and its consequences, such as anxiety, depression and even suicide.

Parents should encourage conversation about internet safety and discuss with their children ways to prevent possible problems. For example, you can avoid troubles if you don’t provide personal information on chat platforms, social media and other online websites.

Cyber Bullying

Speaking of vehicle accidents, it is a huge concern of parents because it is the leading cause of death in children and teens. Therefore, teaching children road safety is vital.

Child Vehicle Safety